Seen that meme of everyone's favorite cartoon character mOcKing wItH soMe aLteRnaTinG teXt? I turned it into an Android App in March 2019 and an iOS App in May 2020!

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What Are The Odds

Simple game where one person dares another to do a ridiculous task. The app adds to the fun by truly randomly generating the numbers, eliminating cheating. Android App in December 2018 and iOS App in May 2020. 🤯 View code and demo on github 🤯

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Jack The Resume Ripper

ACollaborated on a team of 3 for OSU's 2019 Hackathon to create a web app leveraging Vue.js, AWS Lambda, and Azure Cognitive Services to parse insights out of resumes. Focused on Front-End Design. You can see a demo here.

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Study Buddy

A fun iOS app for tracking study habits and reducing distractions. Created for a client, working to meet project requirements and deadlines. Utilized Core Data and monetized using AdMob. Published on the App Store in October 2019.

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Get To Know Me

Hey there! I'm a Computer Science and Engineering Student at The Ohio State University. I love to create new things that make lives better, and learning as much as I can on the way.

I've had the awesome opportunity to do iOS contracting, as well as web development internships in FinTech and healthcare!

Outside of school and work, I like to play guitar, hike, work on cars, and act as a servant leader in my church. I’m always looking for the best opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set while making a positive impact.