How to Wirelessly Test Your App on Your iPhone

Jeff Morhous // April 03, 2020

A good thing to note is that the mac you are using Xcode on and the iPhone (or iPad) you want to test on must be on the same network.

Next to the build button, go to select a device/simulator. Here, mine just says “Generic iOS Device

Once you click on it, select “Add Additional Simulators” The result will be a modal that looks like this.

Go ahead and switch over to devices. Plug your device in and unlock it, and it should appear.

Go ahead and click the checkbox that says “Connect via network” and voila!

You may have to restart Xcode, but you should now be able to run your apps on your device without physically connecting it!

This is a pretty small trick but it may save you tons of time, and honestly it’s just too cool not to set up. Hope this helped, and if you ran in to trouble, let me know below!

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